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The breeder is a fan of his hobby, devoted a lot of time to creating a family archive of seeds and spent many cultivations in search of strong, beautiful genetics with pronounced terpenes and exotic coloration, while creating his own hybrids!
The gene pool of seeds is collected from almost all continents, where this sacred beautiful and beloved plant grows! There are beautiful, strong and exotic genetics in the family archive from STAFFТНС)

Our seeds undergone cold stratification for optimal germination

The prefabricated package consists of several varieties - no problem! Write, we can always reach an agreement!

BONUS seeds in every shipment!

Quality at affordable prices is here!
Quality > Quantity

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Happy to support this grower and breeder. I got almost twice the seed I was expecting, thanks for the extra pack! Even came in a cool Banksy envelope!! Feeling blessed

Everything went smooth. Seller doesn't speak great english so open communication wasn't the the most straight forward. It did not effect the over all experience. Note this user is in Ukraine so expect delivery times with delays. I dont know if I can update this and dont know if my pollen is viable but to this point everything worked fine.

Psilly about listing HAMMER TIME F5 auto/reg pollen 7 days ago.

Wonderful person to purchase from! I hope to continue seeing you produce pollen and seeds!