TerpyZ Mutant Genetics

TerpyZ Mutant Genetics

TerpyZ Mutant Genetics | TerpyZ Seedbank - Official Kalyseeds Partner

The Seedbank for the Breeders!

Founded in the Netherlands, we are a group of Breeders, working to create exclusive and highly exciting new Varieties. One of our main focuses is on the Morphology of the plant, where we want to show the great diversity of forms, colors/variegations and flavours this amazing plant has to offer.

Through selection and stabilisation, we have created outstanding and freaky plants that look nothing like the normal ones most people are used to. Unique and old-school flavour and Terpene profiles, Heirloom, IBL, True F1 hybrids from P1 and P2 stable parents and landrace origins.

We love what stands out from the crowd! We encourage more diversity in an increasingly homogenous Seed Market.

Happiness Guarantee! - Contact us for all your questions.

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I couldn't figure out bit-coin but member was most understanding. If I ever figure out how to use bitcoin I would hesitate to do business with this member. If you know how to use bitcoin I highly recommend them!

Geoffrey about listing Vino Tinto (Dark Blue Sativa) 1 year ago.
TerpyZ Mutant Genetics