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7 East Genetics

Founded in Havelock Ontario Canada, Belmont Lake Region, 7 East Genetics has been creating highly exclusive top-quality for a small group of private clients for over 19 years.

Combining timeless heirloom genetics and visionary artisanship, 7 East amplifies the Canadian tradition of crafting organic artisan that must be, exceptionally loud and refined. Grown only using the organic practices of Korean Natural Farming, our seeds are guaranteed and backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

Produced in small batches and characterized by unparalleled quality- our exclusive varieties are reserved only for the most serious connoisseurs.


Now Accepting Bitcoin and Most Crypto.

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We keep our prices fair and always provide extra seeds with every order. We are here to assist throughout your grow with any questions you may have

Proud Supporters of Open Source Breeding

By acquiring or opening the packet of these plant seeds you accept, by way of an agreement, the provisions of a license agreement where no costs shall be incurred to you. You especially undertake not to limit the use of these seeds and their enhancements, for instance by making a claim to plant variety rights or patent rights on the seeds’ components. You shall pass on the seeds, and propagations obtained therefrom, to third parties only on the terms and conditions of this license. You will find the exact licensing provisions at .

If you do not wish to accept these provisions, you need to refrain from acquiring and using these seeds.

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Got some great genetics and am thrilled with the freebies sent. Had a couple website hiccups but they eventually got the order thru.

BadAss sobre el anuncio Panama Dragon BX4 - 7 East Genetics hace 12 meses.

Very smooth transaction, will do business again.

Crystal Palace 777 sobre el anuncio Pakistani Chitral Kush Pollen 1 año atrás.

110% Greatness. Totally professional, will be doing repeat acquisitions, gotta love the love,


Purofuego sobre el anuncio Raspberry Beret 1 año atrás.
7 East Genetics