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Feed Me Genetics

Commercial grower and breeder of rare genetics.

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Awesome fast service.

Bradley sobre el anuncio 10 fems JEALOUSY X Apples and Bananas (NUTZ) 7 días atrás.

Damn, where do I start.

From the moment I asked about shipping to the literal other side of the world, the bro here accommodated EVERY step of the way, made sure my mind was at ease as it was my first purchase through strainly, and had my package here in New Zealand from Oklahoma within 10 days!

The best part of it all, is the vigour these seedlings are already showing!!! They popped within two days, and that was germinating straight into soil without soaking, or the paper towel method. They are already looking twice the size as a LIT farm seed pack I’ve popped along side it.

The price old mate is asking, his customer service, and more importantly, his genetics, AND guaranteed shipping, makes only purchasing through feed me the logical and smart move.

I can’t thank the bro here enough.

From New Zealand to America, much love my brother.

Very nice! Fast shipping, fun crosses, great freebz! Def Hook up

Feed Me Genetics