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Hype Daddy Ra

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All Praise the Sun!

Hype Daddy Ra is bringing the heat to a cold world. Cuts and Seeds of the highest presented to growers chasing quality.

Everything listed is either a breeder cut or a personally hunted cut. We take a lot of pride in our hunts, often from large pools of seeds (20-100+). Anything we offer from our personal stash has been grown and stress tested indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse and is of the highest caliber. It takes about a year to really do it right in house. To grow from seed, take cuts, flower, make selection, regrow from clone to test again in different environment and finally have a mother to offer clones from.

To be a winner you have to check ALL the boxes. Yield, terps, growth structure, potency, bag appeal, and the hardest to get, flavor. Our hunted cuts TASTE like they smell and will all knock your socks off!

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Great communication. I received a large healthy clone that was packaged very thoroughly.

Steve sobre el anuncio Modified Mints - GMO x Sinmint Cookies hace 3 meses.

Great contributor to the community. Thanks again!

Rare Packs sobre el anuncio TIKI MADMAN - PEACH GOBLIN hace 4 meses.

10/10 - Solid to work with, zero issues.

Hype Daddy Ra