WHITE LADY (2 Pack for 1)

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Presentation here of the magnificent White Lady made by SeedSaving. This hybrid combines the legendary Withe Widow and the famous Purple Kush. The resulting cross results in a predominantly plant. With average growth indoors and outdoors, it will fully flourish in an environment that is dry and well ventilated. Its large dark green leaves will not go unnoticed, which will change to a very dark purple. The buds will be covered at the end (60-63 days) with a thick white coat of trichomes, very compact, they will be long with a dark purple and white color due to an excess of trichomes. The result will smell and taste of fresh citrus, mixed with a hint of the legendary taste of Kush genetics.
It will adapt to most cultivation methods and can also be worked very well in the SCROG way.

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Tipo de variedad: Híbrida
Sexo: Feminizada / Hembra
Floración: 60 - 70 días
Rendimiento: Medio
Talla: Media
Interior / Exterior:
Cantidad disponible: 1000