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Magnetic Genetics

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Every $50 you spend on seeds earns one freebee pack.

Magnetic Genetics is proud to offer rare cultivars carefully crafted in organic soil. Our bio-intelligent seed is grown in an environment that encourages beneficial microbes that are essential for healthy seed germination.
Extraordinary aroma, flavor, and a hardy structure is the foundation of the Magnetic Genetics catalog. We ensure the best strains are chosen by growing large populations, typically 100 seeds.
Each plant receives hands-on, personalized, daily care. As part of the selection process, we are passionate about spending time with the flower post-harvest to guarantee exceptional traits in the living plants are also in the finished product. We love crossing new strains with older landrace cultivars to reinvigorate the newer poly-hybrids.
Our strains are ideal for both commercial and home production.
Magnetic Genetics offers a wide selection from cultivars that are ideal for solventless hash making or rolling a joint. We are happy to help you select the right strain for your purposes and conditions. Regardless of why you grow Magnetic Genetics, expect easy to grow plants with surprisingly delicious flavor from start to finish.

*Packs that do not say Magnetic Genetics were bred by their respective brands. Please regard the descriptions and photos for details on pack listings.

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Everything went great, responded quickly, got beans out quickly with free seeds. Thanks again Magnetic Genetics!

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Everything showed up in a timely manner and service is fast and friendly!

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Great communicator and very knowledgeable to the point of almost reading my mind. Sent me a freebie that I had been eyeing anyway. HIGH-ly recommended Magnetic Genetics

Magnetic Genetics