Microbe bros genetics

Microbe bros genetics

Small batch botique caregiver. Small scale mom and pop style specializing in craft exotic flower.. we now have the new mother facility, much larger hunt facility and the new tc,/ testing facility.

I myself found this passion through being a medical patient and hoping to help others find the life changing relif this plant has offered me. I'm also a father of 4 and husband to a wonderful wife who has believed in my dream from the start! I now with her support and one bad ass team of loyal, dedicated and passionate individuals get to take the risks and live that dream and do what I love all day every day while helping so many in the process!

Production flower is no longer our focus or main source of revenue. We run a full pheno hunt only facility and a seperate nursery allowing us to collect some of the best of the best exotic genetics in the industry. We take sanitization beyond serous and treat every plant as tho it's infected to reduce the risk of any cross contamination. We have very very strict quarenteen and ipm sops and don't ever skip a single step. We are currently hunting thousands of phenos at all times popping roughly 1000-3000 seeds every 3 weeks. With this many plants being gone through and not being able to sell a single pheno till fully tested and reran we take our selecting SEROUS we have zero room for less then superior. Its a GIANT 8-16 month investment and even bigger risk using all our space to do what we do but we truly believe in it and feel its what this industry needs. We do it MUCH different then any other out there. We are in this for repeat buisness, getting you a cultivar that has you dying for another is our biggest goal. Our clients happiness is our priority as without you there is no us! Our repeat clients are the ones keeping our lights on for that we are beyond greatfull!

The new facilities are helping us drop more seeds, peven more clean then before, tc and lab test our own cuts and properly test run all our selections even faster getting these one of a kind unique exotic selections in your hands sooner.

**vets get major discounts on our ultra priemum cuts. we dontate much of our flower to local vets and we do the same with our cuts! On top of discounted ultra cuts ALL vets get free premium cuts no purchase necessary just pay shipping*

Full list can root with pre-order but snips available 3 for price of 1 always!. Bundling and following us to keep up with sales is the best way to save big money. The big price tag is for the buy in on that cut and is only paid once, each aditional is only 20 per snip amd 30 per rooted for LIfE
*=newest additions
♡= inhouse favorites

Clone Menu
$250 Clone List
* vanala wafer
Biker kush
Platinum Truffles #12
* ice cream Sundaes
platnum kush breath remix (beleaf cut)
superboof (moble j cut)
dome peice #20 (headband x gmo rootbeer)
* monster profit

$500 Clone List
* apple jax
* zkittlez x PBB
2.287 x sugar cane # 5
Pineapple Slurpee
* Black Denali # 8 (oreoz x (AAK F2) Oi /MB
* black ice (maxyield breeder cut)
Gorilla Breath
Meat breath
♡Gorilla puff FCSC

$750-Clone List
Ravens revenge (tsunami breeder cut)
♡Gold Cash Gold #1 (black diamond cut)
*daily grape x sugar cane #2
the daily slap. FCSC
*crunchberries fcsc
*freahcoast cake. FCSC
garlic icing FCSC
*truffle icing (M.B cut)
white truffle cheese #3. FCSC

* Alien apple kush f2 #11 mb/oi
*eggroll (cannarado cut)
Startonic (cbd) x garlic icing #1

$1,000 Clone List
♡*Tahiti Lime x Biker OG x platnum icing OI/MB
* Pure jokez #9
*the one (Davinity x sugar cane)
2.287 x sugar cane #3
♡Bluberry breath F1
Super Boof x Lifehack #19
* Black Denali #5 (oreoz x (AAK F2) Oi /MB

$1,500 Clone List
Gypsie Road (honeysticks cut)
Chocolate Dipped Bananas (honeysticks cut)
Shreb cake x alien apple kush #5
Penut butter stonper #92
*Alien Apple Kush
Kombucha x alien apple kush #220

$2,000 Clone List
OZ Kush cake BX #100
superboof x lifehack #19 × platnum icing #247
fancy cake #22
♡*sunoco #158 (rs11 x purple octane)
* Black Denali # 2 (oreoz x (AAK F2) Oi /MB

$2,500 Clone List
Slumper (gasssss)
kaluminati #1
♡*M1 icing #145
* Animal Tsunami (breeder cut)

$3,000 Clone List
platnum kush breath remix x lifehack #113
Tahiti lime x biker og x platnum icing #191
♡*white devil #203

$3,500 Clone List
bluberry breath x platnum icing #55-3 OI/MB
Lunch money #49
♡*burnout #5 (kidd dynamite x garlic icing)

$5,000 Clone List (limited to 10 clients)

Black Denali # 6 (oreoz x oreoz)

**we have negative vroid tests on ALL our mothers and seedlings! Updated tests as of 9/22 we will do these full room tests periodically throughout the year and on every single new plant taken into the garden while in the quarenteen room. So PLZ don't be afraid to ask for the results!

***update we now have our own lab! Not only are we tissue culturing all our back ups for our pheno hunts but we will soon be doing all sex, pathogen, vroid, canabinoid and potency testing inhouse for us AND our clients!

Keep an eye out for the fresh drops coming soon! Many new inhouse bred clone only selections weve been working on the last 2 years are on that list and i assure you they will be going fast and making waves. Also please remember what we have this week may not be here next! It may be stored in tc with no plans to make an appearance in the mother rooms for a very long time. Once we breed with it or find another new cut in that category they usually get knocked off the menue and the next best comes into rotation.

We have MANY more and always adding new so i mollwill do our best to keep this list up to date but time gets away from us once in a while so dont ever be afraid to ask about any new drops

First off our ipm plan as this is so very important.

Regalia once per week.
Bontaniguard 22wp foiler and Drench once Biweekly in rotation with organashield
We also employ a large army of bennificial insects so don't be alarmed if a Hypoaspis miles, rove beetle or bennificial mite ends up coming along for the ride those guys are just all over lol.

We do a full root and foiler dip before sending off any of these gals.
EVERY clone taken is taken with a sterilized scapula We NEVER cut from more then one plant with the same tool and all surfaces/ trays are fully sanitized between uses. We keep all cultivars seperate and in there own trays. We are currently using rockwool and root riot cubes and with great sucess.

We offer snips of any rooted listing if preferred.
We send FREEBIE snips/ clones with every order regardless of size

We ask for 50$ to cover shipping on all clone orders seeds ship free.

Any more questions please feel free to ask

Numero de licencia: Cgr28746
Pago y envio: preferred Cash app. Venmo.

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This guy really comes through. 1000 percent satisfied and will be back. Super healthy cuts. Very professional. Thank you for being a real one microbe bros!

J sobre el anuncio Freah coast cake breeder cut hace 1 mes.

After a communication glitch within the company resulting in a delay, the owner made up for it by sending a ton of free rooters and snips (all extremely healthy and impeccably packed). What an honorable and spectacular recovery!!!! Anyone in this heroic business would be wise to take note of how the occasional mistake needs to get rectified. I will definitely do biz again with this company. 420% recommended.

Herb Elite sobre el anuncio Black ice maxyield breeder cut snips hace 2 meses.

Great communication! Smoothe transaction even though it was over the holidays. Mike seems like a really solid dude too. Thank you so much for the extra snips! I can't wait to run these! Positive brother!

Microbe bros genetics