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Smoking Monkey Genetics

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My autoflower genetics come from Autoflowers, and Photoperiods from around the globe.
I start with the most potent photos, and the closest, 100% autoflowering cultivars I can get.
The autos I use are generations away from the original ruderalis, so the nasty tasting ruderalis genes are way behind us.
Future releases are always coming up, like the Freakshow autoflower, Critical '22, Durban Poison, and more!
I've been growing, and breeding cultivars for over 35 years.

Autoflowers for the future!
I go back and forth here. I love photos for the ability to clone, and save specific genetics, but hate the hassles of light cycles, and light leaks you don't know about until your plants start revegging, or never quit flowering.
I love autos for their compact size of all bud. Not so much wasted space, and easy on height limits.
Most of my strains average 2.5 to 3.5 feet tall of solid, frosty bud. And of course no light cycle worries. My lights double as heaters in the winter.
12/12 cycles require a heater for the 12 hrs of dark, which also makes you need a humidifier.

Autoflowers force me to be a better breeder, nonstop, for seed.
I want all my seeds to be good. Not just be dependant on a clone that's always exactly the same smoke.
Every seed is different, even if it's a stable strain, and every one is good :)

You can see my breeding programs on YT.
Look up Pollen Sax. That's me, not much of a video maker, but I'm breeding some fire in there, and soon will be releasing the first autoflowering Freakshow cultivar anywhere (Now released 09-01-2022)!
I'll keep you posted in my videos!
Shipping to USA ONLY: I combine shipping, so everything is already FREE First class, or a flat $9 for Priority mail.

I work 40hrs a week in an unrelated field that pays my light bills, and maintenance, so I will usually have to ship the next day after receiving payment. Thanks for understanding, Pollen Sax.

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Awesome selection. Fast shipping. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks again.

Smoking Monkey Genetics is a great member of the Strainly community. Super-fast shipping and easy to work with.

Smoothie as silk, great experience

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