The Canna.... Horticultural Association (CHA) is a professional horticultural association dedicated to the helping spread the word of ecologically sound horticulture. It is a member funded association and is currently expanding into customized consulting and workshops covering topics related to ecological horticulture.

I am the prez of CHA and this is part of the opus magnum. I work as a cultivation consultant with a specialization on nursery production and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). I also oversee the development of outdoor gardens and greenhouse systems that use supplemental lighting and/or light deprivation. I focus on organic and biodynamic practices through my understanding of permaculture, agroecolgy and living soils to dial in methodologies to cut costs while increasing yield and quality. I have been cultivating for over 20 years and for the last 14 years in Humboldt County, CA.

REGARDING SEEDS: I love breeding . I have a passion for the plant and love to dabble and create new genetics for the world to grow. I have working on breeding seeds from a specialty breeding project for that is selecting for a diverse array of terpene and concentrate production. One project in particular created some stellar cultivars. A Slapz (Runtz x Grease Monkey) male plant was chosen out of 50 males and bred into a few select females of Gelato41, GMO, Gelonade, White Runtz, Poochies Papaya, LA Confidential and Blood Orange Kush. Please check out the other genetics too. (currently working on uploading)

These seeds are being bred in the heart of Humboldt County with the utmost intention for proliferating some high quality genetics for the world to cultivate.

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This is an excellent seller. Everything went very smoothly and he included TONS of freebies and nice ones too boot. I will def use this seller again and I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of buying from him

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Great communication

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Wow, quick shipping plus extras!

Cool crosses and easy to deal with.

I would recommend and will likely be doing more business with CHA