Dragons Flame Genetics

Dragons Flame Genetics

Small, craft, cannabis farm specializing in breeding outdoor hardy genetics.
On our Organic farm in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley we quickly recognized the need to create our own genetics based on the wet, short, growing season. Our genetics have to flower fast, yield, and stand up to mold and mildew. Oh, and stay hard, frosty, and fire! So a labor of love quickly turned into a passion for breeding and DFG was born.

We try and keep our packaging minimal to create less waste and you can be assured that our plants always get organic, sustainable nutrition. Cannabis is medicine. For mind, body, and soul. And growing your own…well that’s just f’ing fun!

When it comes to cannabis everyone has a different take. So here at DFG we keep it simple. It must be healthy, resilient to pests and mold, smell great, and make beautiful, potent flowers. If it doesn’t impress in the flower room or make great bud, we just won’t breed it.

KNF is a sustainable, organic, farming technique that utilizes local microbial life to unlock maximum potential from both soil and plants. This has allowed DFG to forgo traditional bottled nutrients or teas and instead feed the plants with homemade ferments and foliars.

It’s all about the Love here at DFG
One of our personal goals, both in regards to our lifestyle and farm, is to be good stewards of this planet. So here at DFG it needs to be clean, sustainable, and high quality. We love growing cannabis and believe in the medicinal qualities of this amazing plant. The earth gives back when treated with a gentle hand and loving vibes.

We couldn’t do it without you!
Your interest in our little farm has been a blessing. We want all are little beans to grow into beautiful, vigourous plants and we want you to be proud to rock our gear. If you are not, let us know and we will do our best to make it right!

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Dfg is a standup dude, we lost connection due to tech difficulties on here but he was able to finish my order after contacting through email. Thanks!

Chef à propos de l'annonce garlic Stash V21 dfg / thug pug collab il y a 2 ans.

Always good with DFG!

Sportyridr à propos de l'annonce garlic Stash V21 dfg / thug pug collab il y a 2 ans.

Great people with superior genetics and customer service

Matt à propos de l'annonce garlic Stash V21 dfg / thug pug collab il y a 2 ans.
Dragons Flame Genetics