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Seed bank with a collection of rare cultivars from breeders around the world. With a focus on organic small batch hand crafted seeds. Tested by our testers that have different levels of cultivation skill and technique. Photos are from our testers in their grows.
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New 4/20 drop from FireflyFarms
True OG Feminized hybrids include
Maui Mango x True OG = Mango Tango
High Octane x True OG = Truel
Biscotti x True OG = Godfather
Paris OG x True OG = Venice OG
Kush Mints x True OG = True Mints
Oreoz x True OG = Windmills
White Runtz x True OG = Napoleon
SKITTLES X True OG = Trainbow
Lemon Cherry Gelato x True OG = LemonCheryGelatOG
Chimera x True OG = Squatch
Pancakes x True OG = Crepes

New 420/ drop from FireflyFarms ( Gary P x Permanent Marker ) = Darkness
Darkness Feminized hybrids include

Dark Rainbow x Darkness = Dark Eclipse
GMO x Darkness = ChemTrailz
Lemon Cherry Gelato x Darkness = ColdStoned
Pink Gatorz x Darkness = Charlie Murphy
RS-11 x Darkness = Neon Lights
Chimera x Darkness = CardiB

Horchata x Darkness = ExpressOG
White Truffle x Darkness = Yin Yang
Hans Solo Burger x Darkness = Hans Cholo Burger
Star Dawg x Darkness = Dark Star
Jealousy x Darkness = The Rizz
Maui Mango Haze x Darkness = Fusion

Free Star Dog S1 while supplies last. But two get one free of your choice until 4/21

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