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Eddie P's Trees

Grower for over 20 years. Trying to contribute to the genetic pool through selection. I love pheno hunting and wanted to do selections from bigger gene pools so i made my own crosses. The pressure clone i use in my reversals was hunted by me and has been crushing the scene, and for good reason, It stands out in a flooded market. Straight Creamy purple gas! So i reversed it and pollinated some other elite cultivars in my library. I will also be doing more directional breeding focusing on my two favorite terp profiles, one being gas and the other being candy. I'm sharing my creations with the community. The next terp is out there for us to discover! Getting support and having people grow out my seeds and love the result is truly heartwarming and fulfilling to me.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support, I can't wait to bring more fire in the spring/summer!!

Every order comes with freebies!

Grow Vids By ZP homegrows: :///watch?v=AP0LigFU0m8

Future Drops
March/April 2023

MAC1(caps cut) x Pressure
Cap junky x Pressure
Thin Mint GSC x Pressure
RS-11 x Pressure
Gush Mints x Pressure
Apples n Bananas x Pressure
Cereal Milk x Pressure
GG4 x Pressure
SFV OG x Pressure
Original Diesel(weasels cut) x Pressure
SoFnGassy(Twenty20Mendo) x Pressure
Grandi Guava x Pressure
Zkittlez x Pressure
Bangarang x Pressure
(Runtz x Cheetah Piss) x Pressure
White Truffle x Pressure
Apple fritter x Pressure

Zkittlez BX2
Royal Kush BX6 F2 crosses

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Had an issue with shipping, but eddy p took care of the issue Quickly and even threw in a few extra packs for my troubles. Thanks brotha!

Everything went smooth and fast !! Very cool and willing to work with ya !!

The first Round of seedlings sprouted 100% germination. Great service and freebies as well. I highly recommend

Eddie P's Trees