Boundless Gen - Heady McDank

Boundless Gen - Heady McDank

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Old school, new school, a few things in between, and a couple more completely outside the box!

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Clones - Donations for 3 or more get $10 off each.

10 seed packs start at a $30 Donation. 10% off s of 4 packs or more.

Regarding shipping, in the US for seeds it is either 1st class with tracking in a manilla envelope for $5 (request this) or we offer flat rate tracked shipping is $10 (our default) per for seeds, $35 for clones (2 day shipping).

For anywhere outside US. 1st class mail in a manilla envelope no tracking $5 delivery is typically 14-21 days. Some sooner.

For tracked, inquire with address for specific rates usually in the $15-20 range, or $35-50 range for expedited.

Many payment methods accepted. , , , pay, / , others. Email preferred method with payment request. Thanks!

Regarding , i am mostly not open to at this point with few exceptions. The only i am looking for are cherry limepop, lime, and kimbo kush - Thanks!

seeds are less than 3% and therefore classified as hemp, thanks to the passage of the farm bill, and as such totally legal. We recommend you follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding cultivation. Luxury novelty hard to find bird seed. Descriptions are for novelty purposes only.

DEA confirms seeds and clones legality:

License #: P0058649

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A+, all good. Thanks!

Quick Shipping, and bonus beans!!!!! Great communication and cant wait to get growing!

Got what I expected!

Austin about listing Gorilla Glue 4 x Bruce Banner 6 months ago.
Boundless Gen - Heady McDank