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I AM currently The Verified and Copycat Genetix Approved Vendor on Strainly....

I stock just about EVERYTHING Copy has released and some he hasn't.
I have T1 S1, T2 S1, V1 S1, V2 S1, V3 S1, V4 S1 .... As well as EVERYTHING released up to & Including Cherry Fun Dips S1 plus Dantes Inferno S1. EVERYTHING else is on order now.

Everything I list or have is ON HAND NOW, A SHORT DRIVE AWAY, AND CAN BE SHIPPED the next day at the latest. NOTHING is being Shipped or Handled through Another party, EVER....


Shipping Included, W/TRACKING ALWAYS...

GAURENTEED Quality Issues as well....I Have replaced packs for various reasons including but not limited too,
Not passing the, Finger Roll Test, True Story
Flowering Issues, having a Herm, whether grower error or otherwise....
Customs Issues requiring Replacement and Reshipment on s.

Make me an OFFER, worst I can say is No Thanks HaHaHa

Thanks for Any Interest....
Any questions feel free to ask and I'll Always do my best to answer them Honestly as I can....

Regular speed Shipping with tracking included in list prices for All Domestic locations and shipping for reasonable rates if not included to locations. Make me an Offer on something, the worst I can say is no.

Everything I carry is Sourced Wholesale for Fully Permitted Online Sale of Copycat Genetix...
Everything I carry is Sourced directly from Copy himself of Copycat Genetix and has always been for the past x4 years plus.

Whether it's an Unreleased Gem that almost Noone knows Copy has, whether it's a Brand New selection that just dropped but hasn't hit Copy'S website yet, or whether it's an older Variety that isn't really around much these days, EVERYTHING I HAVE COMES DIRECTLY FROM COPY HIMSELF TO MY COLD STORAGE FACILITY, and NEVER anywhere in between Except for myself just before shipping

BOX SETS are Another Thing that I carry a fair selection of and except for a Random Box Set here and there, Copy himself is the Only one offering Box Sets for the most part....

I literally carry just about all older Copycat Genetix selections just working on listings yet.....

AS well as some Unreleased or mostly Unreleased selections here and there, some have been released by Copy through his IG Account but not added to his Website, while others are Mostly Only available through Copy'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM.
I try and carry a good mix of Old, New, Popular, and lesser known Selections.....

Enjoy the selections....

Screen name Spamonie. I am an appreciative member of the community and am here to help other members enjoy the benefits of Strainly. Combine Multiple s for Discounts. I am here to help those out that are small scale such as myself and on a small budget, or those that are larger scale and wanting some unique and fairly priced gear. Anyone that has Doubts about the QUALITY of COPYCAT GENETICS can check out these real life review videos done by BASEMENT AUTOFLOWERS and Home Grow TV and uploaded on the internet for anyone to review.....If you would like some quality Adult Novelty Collectables then it doesn't always matter where they come from, or who makes them, what matters is that You actually get them......

Go to an internet search engine or U Tube and type in:

Live Q&A Breeding with COPYCAT GENETIX.....

Type in OREO BIG STUFF seed to harvest video by BASEMENT AUTOFLOWERS. BASEMENT AUTOFLOWERS are in no way affiliated with Copycat Genetics....It's on U Tube....

Go to U Tube or internet search engine and search for:

Home Grow TV (POWER S1) seed to harvest video, (Copycat Genetix)


Home Grow TV (Mr Big Runtz) seed to harvest video, (Copycat Genetix)


Home Grow TV (The Drip) seed to harvest video, (Copycat Genetix)

Also Seed to Harvest videos online for:

Sleepy Joe S1

The Ghost S1

Gooberz S1

This kinda puts the false talk out there to rest, at least some of it anyway.

I look forward to working with you. I prefer that you have a minimum of 1 positive review to work with me, but I will make Exceptions. Please and Thank You. All s come standard with Free Domestic Shipping, Reduced Shipping, if any fee at all, please follow all local laws and regulations as all sales are strictly for Novelty purposes only.

I do not take any responsibility for anyone breaking any local laws or regulations. Enjoy the selections. Check out my guy at Mikdank here on Strainly, he is super chill, and has an assortment of Copycat Genetics crosses that I don't carry.
Thanks For the INTEREST

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Spamonie was so great to buy from! He was super easy to communicate with! We got everything we ordered super quick! We will definitely be ordered from him again! Thank you!

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