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Maine Licensed Retail - Resale - Caregiver OCP compliant . Water Culture Specialist . Clones . Hydro Indoors / Hybrid Indoors - Soil Outdoors w/ Lots and Lots of Microbes !

Created Thors Hammer F4 AutoFlower - Wild Berry Zkittlez Auto F4 and Blood Cake BX1 - Banana Hammer F2 - Black Cherry Thunder F2 - Strawberry Jelly x GMO x Black Banana x Thor’s Hammer F3 - F5 Stabilized AutoFlower and 21 + AutoFlower varieties . Known for putting photoperoid into AutoFlower and stabilizing at F4 over 11-12 month period .

I also Small Batch Preserve Photoperiod Genetics and have created many varieties for our garden and if they are truly worth the while , after in house testing , we share them with the world !

I’m willing to take on projects for other Gardens for breeding purposes . I’m willing to take in genetics or supply my own genetics . I’m willing to portfolio and Video/Photo and stay in frequent contact in order to complete the breeding projects on a proper schedule with extensive detail throughout the project . I can accept projects anywhere from 10-25-50-100 plants to find selection’s . Rate of compensation for my breeding is TBA / and often is quoted after discussion of the project . Projects are scheduled 1 project at a time in order to be fair to each and every garden in order for Viking Gardens Genetics to be able to help everyone , I cannot double book first and second generation at one time unless it’s finely compensated , this is in order to deliver projects for many gardens and not just one we do not want to contract with one exclusive garden unless it’s a Career opportunity for our ability’s . I pride myself on extending our green thumbs and our ability’s to find and select proper males and females in a professional Manner . Here in Maine New England We can make your next Breed work for you ! - VGG Thor
Preferred Breeding methods used by VGG

RdWc and DwC specialist indoors / Soil Outdoors

License #: MMMP (OCP compliant ) Maine
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