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Been growing since 2006 and am happy to finally release my genetics for sale. All my strains are quality tested for proper germination and stability. Even any male I use to pollinate is first put thru a series of stress tests so I know he won't be passing on any issues to the offspring. In a world where a lot of "breeders" are breeding "pretty" plants with hype strains for clout I try to stand apart by breeding primarily for medicinal effect. Bag appearance is nice and all, but it means nothing if the bud provides little to no effect. So rest assured with my gear you're not only going to get big yielding plants, but also going to get a finished product that will cure what ails you and will put you on Mars.

Numero de licencia: AP-FAAA-LB5W-L6SL-E4RM-ISNS

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Had a great experience ordering from Davdtherockstar!!

Quick responses and my order came with awesome freebies! Will return!

Lucas sobre el anuncio Star Berry Road Dawg hace 4 meses.

Trusted, a great contributor to the Strainly community! I will do business with them again

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great good communication and fast ship

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