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Been growing since 2006 and am happy to finally release my genetics for sale. All my strains are quality tested for proper germination and stability. Even any male I use to pollinate is first put thru a series of stress tests so I know he won't be passing on any issues to the offspring. In a world where a lot of "breeders" are breeding "pretty" plants with hype strains for clout I try to stand apart by breeding primarily for medicinal effect. Bag appearance is nice and all, but it means nothing if the bud provides little to no effect. So rest assured with my gear you're not only going to get big yielding plants, but also going to get a finished product that will cure what ails you and will put you on Mars.

International Customers - Only able to send seeds, no clones. Add additional $30 for international shipping (sorry, USPS recently raised all their rates).

Current Mothers
-Plushberry (TGA - Hunted from pre2017-Cali-fire seeds)
-Mac and Cheese (Capulator)
-LA Kush Cake (Archive cut)
-Meatbreath (Thug Pug)
-Headband (Loompa's cut)
-Super Silver Haze (Hunted from Old seed stock)
-Haze Freak (Connoisseur Genetics)
-Platform 9¾ (DAVD Genetics)
-The Pharmacist (DAVD Genetics)
-Wet Dog OG (DAVD Genetics)
-South African Aphrodisiac (DAVD Genetics)
-Kimbo Kush (Exotic Genetix)
-Forbidden Fruit (PNW cut)
-ImPEACHment (Alien Genetics)
-Apple Pie (Alien Genetics)
-Boston Cream Pie (MassMedical Seeds)
-GMO x Rootbeer (Skunktek/Meangene)
-Hollywood Hairband (Skunktek/Meangene)
-White Rhino (Pagoda cut)
-Tahoe OG (Skunktek cut)
-The White (Krome's cut)
-Pure Kush (heirloom cut)
-Hell's OG (heirloom cut)
-Dogwalker OG (OneEye cut)

Strains I will definitely trade seeds or clones for...
-Alien Rock Candy
-Sensi Star (old clone or original seeds)
-Moonshine Haze seeds
-Cinex (PNW cut, not elev8 knockoff)
-Locomotion (seeds)
-Freeborn Selections seed packs

Numero de licencia: AP-FAAA-LB5W-L6SL-E4RM-ISNS
Pago y envio: Straight cash, Venmo, Cash app, PayPal friends & fam, or BTC. Orders paid with BTC or cash get a free full pack of seed or an extra rooted clone. Free shipping (US Only)

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Everything went smoothly thank you

David sobre el anuncio Loompa's Headband 6 días atrás.

Pleasure doing business with !!!! Fast shipping + freebies. Well stable seeds with a high germination rate……can’t recommend enough

Jorge sobre el anuncio Man's Best Friend - 10pk 20 días atrás.

So excited on the clone, thank you! Looked great on arrival and came a day earlier than expected. Thx for the free pack of seeds too!

Pistil sobre el anuncio Kimbo Kush (clone) 20 días atrás.