Collector of elite genetics.

Clones/snips currently available upon request:

Rainbow Belts #20 (archive cut)
Chem D
Chem 91
Chem 4
Motorbreath #15
GovernMint Oasis (purple city genetics)
Papaya Bomb (purple city genetics)
Zkittles (terphogz/3rd gen family)
Legend OG (crinkle cut)

cuttings may require a 2-3 week lead time, rooted clones 3-5 weeks. Depends on timing of your request.

Message to request clones/snips.

All seed orders will require shipping fee of $5 to ship within US.

IG: freshwater_rick

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Kyle about listing Chem D x Northern Lights #5 - 10 regs 1 month ago.

fast shipping and actual knowledge of what he is offering

Smooth transaction with a honest friendly Irie vibe... Thanks very very much Rick!!!


Peace & Blessings