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I grew my first plants as a kid growing up in the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Being a kid in the 70's and growing up around Vietnam vets instilled in me tales of all the great product in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam that was being smoked by our service members during this time of cultural revolution and turmoil. Growing up in a small cabin off grid I have fond memories of flower hanging and drying in the rafters during harvest time and the smell still permeates my memory to this day. Those strains were all seeds brought back from SE Asia. As time went on I received a BSc in Botany and became increasingly interested in experimenting with seed stock that was gifted to me. I made my first cross in 2003 and that excitement of creating my own seeds has evolved into relentless pheno hunts that continue to provide endless enjoyment and are going strong. With my stock you will get some old, some new and many mixes of old and new stock for unique and nostril permeating terpene profiles. Rest assured in my relentless search for quality seed stock most plants end up being rejected meaning what remains is selected by me and selected to reflect very high standards of what I consider to be worthy breeding material.

Disclaimer #1.....Much of my stock are F1's and priced as such with 15/20 seeds per pack. Many of the well funded breeders/chuckers with much higher prices and fancier packaging are also mostly F1's even though they don't say it. My work is primarily geared toward serious pheno hunters looking for new and unique terpene profiles for commercial production and to incorporate into their own lines, so by all means use my work in your breeding projects! F2 and beyond are generally priced higher as lines get refined.

Disclaimer #2....I am just a breeder, no product for sale besides seeds.

Disclaimer #3....Since I don't know how experienced buyers are I cannot be held responsible if seeds are germinated incorrectly. Although I will gladly supply info on my preferred sprouting methods, plus I do test all my seeds for germination rates.

Disclaimer #4....You the buyer are solely responsible for following the laws of your country/state/county. Motific Genetics holds NO responsibility for what you choose to do with these genetic preservation kits.

Any inquiries about the genetics in question are gladly received and answered in a timely manner.

Repeat customers get some fire perks.

So my name Motific Genetics refers to an artistic or musical motif plus a play on the Spanish word for Mary Jane Mota and the word Terrific. I'm a one man show of selection, pollinating, reversing clones and handling every single seed to get the packs to you.

If does not arrive to supplied shipping address after tracking verification I will reship. Find me on IG at motific_genetics

Thank you for supporting a truly small craft breeder.

Shipping twice a week for primarily US customers. Freebies with every ! Requests for shipping will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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genetics held up in extreme conditions in northern Vermont with record breaking rainfall and relentless humidity. They outperformed everything!

jamin about listing Barry White x Headband 3 months ago.

Quick delivery and everything looks great, thanks a ton!

Mateo about listing Banana Cream Cake 3 months ago.

Quick response and good communication. Does good work !

East Valley about listing Cross of the Titans F2 4 months ago.
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