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☆☆☆any 4 clones only $220☆☆☆
☆☆☆any 8 clones only $330☆☆☆

☆☆☆any 12 clones only $400☆☆☆
Plus +$30 for shipping next day for 4 clones, +$45 ship next day for 8 or 12 clones or $30 for 8 or 12 in 2-3 days $15 to ship 4 clones 2-3 ☆ International shipping +$55

I clone full time, so i do nice clones! these are all the beat strains I've held on to over the past few years. And some new hard hitters. I only mess w breeder cuts, no random phenos, or hermie prone S1's here! I sold whole sale and retail locally for the past 5 years. Lately i started shipping, at first, it wasn't going well. But i learned how to ship correctly, replaced everyone's orders and now they all arive in great condition. I will replace any that arrive dead, or in very bad shape w an immediate notification and w pics to show me. And if you want, i can send you pics of the exact clones before you buy. I can do larger orders for less $$. I used to working with bulk, when im shipping to you, I'm pulling out the nicest looking clones. Any questions, feel free to ask!
☆■☆■4 clones only $220 +$30 shipping next day☆■☆ $250 total gets you 4 clones in 1 -2 days☆any strains listed☆☆ additional 4 clones at half price! So 8 for $330!!!+shipping●•■☆☆12 clones only $400!!!
▪︎▪︎▪︎ i ship worldwide from southern California
STRAINS IM RUNNING CURRENTLY ( ♤ = check for availability, i COULD be temporarily out of stock)

●●Limited strains can be part of combo just add the price amount over $100 to the combo total

-Chimera #3 (Beleaf) $250

STRAINS IM RUNNING CURRENTLY ( ♤ = check for availability, i COULD be temporarily out of stock)

-Lemon Cherry Gelato
-Devine Bannana
-GMO cookies
-Bruce Banner #3
-White Truffle
-Astro Chimp 3 left
-Gary Payton 2 left
-Fruity pebblesOG
-Terple 17
-Cheetah Piss
-jealousy. temp out
-Gush Mintz
-Apple Fritter
-Tropicana Cherry

-Black Runtz 2 left
-Purple Runtz 3 left
-White Runtz
-Pink Runtz
-Tropical Runtz. ♤ temp out

-Mac1 ♤ 2 left
-Frisian Duck. Temp out
-Blue Dream
-Purple Pineapple Express
-Platinum Gorilla
-Sundae Driver ♤
-Purple Kush
-Purple Punch

-Martian candyOG
-AlienOG temp out
-Wedding Cake

$80 ea. Pack of 12 Reg seeds

-SAILOR MOON(pink runtz x sunset sherbert x smarties)
-PLATINUM GALAXY (platinum gorilla x smarties)
-BUD BUNDY (london pound cake x runtz x smarties x sunset sherbert)
-MAC GALACTIC (mac1 x platinum galaxy)
-GRAPE ASTEROID (grand daddy purple x platinum galaxy)
-SPACE DIAMOND(larryOG x jedi glue x platinum galaxy)
-COSMIC WAVE (pre98 bubba kush x platinum galaxy)
-MIDNIGHT MONSTER (monster cookies x smarties x sunset sherbert)

Payment and shipping: Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal

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