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Hash Nerd

Who We Are
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Growing outdoors in upstate NY for past 10 years. Hemp for 4 years. conditional cultivation license holder. Launched the Hash Nerd brand in Syracuse pop up shows in 2021.

Focused on collecting cultivars that do well outdoor in the Northeast, and cultivars that do well for hash. We also carry cultivars that do well for indoor flower and indoor hash.

Always searching for the best terps. I focus on classic gassy clone onlys, and exotic rare terps. I follow my nose. Then smoke it and if I like it I will try to get a cut. I collect plants I personally enjoy. I have grown, smoked and made hash and rosin from everything I offer.

Preventative Measures
Tested regularly for HLPV. We use Tumi Genomics to test for Viroid using root samples.
Every mother in our facility is tested HLPV Negative. We follow best procedures to avoid possible HLPV spread, like using a new sterile scalpel for each mother plant and sanitizing every surface that touches plants with bleach and greenshield.
Everything new that enters our facility is quarantined, inspected for bugs, and sprayed if there is any sign of bugs. We spray regularly to reduce the chance of a bug outbreak. Azadirachtin / Imidacloaprid rotation for thrips, and avid /sultan/ sandmite rotation for for mites.
We soak cuts in a Zerotol 2.0 solution (fungicide /algaecide) before rooting cuttings in soil with Hormodin under natural light, in a mist bench in a greenhouse.
We spray milstop, zerotol and cease preventatively for Powdery mildew.

What We Offer
Our clones are rooted in round 1” wide x 2” deep soil under natural light, in a mist bench in a greenhouse, with seasonal supplemental light to keep everything in veg.
Our clones thrive for growing outdoors. The less change in growing medium and source of light, the less stress on a plant.
They are not tall and lanky like most rockwool clones. They will have a strong base stalk with lots of branching.

Shipping: Priority mail FREE (2-3 days)
25$ priority mail express (1-2 days)
^ choose this option if you are west of the Mississippi. (we are based in New York)
Clones ship out on Mondays

Payment: Bitcoin


Numero de licencia: OCMCAUC-2022-000185
Pago y envio: FREE Priority mail / express options available/ Payment: Bitcoin

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Took a little while but I got what I needed plus some freebies

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Communication was good, clones were healthy, had a nice swirl of roots at the bottom and packaged well

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whats up i sent you the money now you wont answer me back

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